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Bringing You Big Company 

Benefits & Software 

Absolutely Any Budget

How to Bring High Value with a Benefit Bank!

Employees want options and Employers want a safe landing zone within their budget.  Now Employers can deliver a full menu of benefits and choose their amount of monthly contribution with a "Benefit Bank" 


A small business owner chooses a flat dollar amount of $50 to $150 a month per employee and then each employee gets to choose the best benefits package to fit their own unique needs!  This brings the highest value to each employee as they are in the driver seat and you can rest assure that it was money well spent!

Helping Employers Do More!

With a combination of two great companies we bring great Supplemental Benefits and a Top Notch Benefits Administration HR Platform to companies with 5 or more employees at any budget they have, guaranteed!!

By simply implementing at least two Colonial Life Supplemental Benefit Plans you will receive full access to Ease Benefit Admin and HR System!!

We don't assume all of our benefits are better than what you currently offer but our clients do typically find at least 2-3 benefits that will enrich and enhance their menus with.  Rich benefit menus are a key to attracting and retaining high quality employees!


Ditch the paper process

Let's face it, it is no longer the 90's and paper enrollments are no longer trendy!  Save the trees and save your sanity, along with a whole lotta time and come aboard the digital benefits train!  Not only are you going to going to enjoy the visual experience of online enrollment vs black and white paper you will also have access to a mobile app for all of your  new employee on boarding and benefits enrollment needs 24/7 365!  No more incomplete apps, needing to repeat the same employee data on every carrier's form and trying to read chicken scratch year after year.

Enjoy a custom enrollment experience tailored to your company's needs.

Simplify, Modernize & Customize

How do you win such a great enrollment prize?

Simply find a home for 2 or more of Colonial Life's Supplemental Benefit Plans to help your employees protect what matters most to them.

Choose from:

Dental - Short Term Disability

Accident  Critical Illness - Cancer

 Hospital Indemnity - Term and Whole Life

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